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Pretanix C is intended for sensitive skin for which normal tanning in aqueous solution is not suitable. These include, for example, bird skins, rare and / or slightly spoiled mammal skins where there is a risk of hair loss. Tanned leather is applied to the table or floor with the hair side down. Dried or salted leather is moistened with warm brine (1 l of water / 100 g salt) until the skin is softened throughout.

Be careful not to move the skin if there is a risk of hair coming off. If the surface of the leather has hardened, it can be rubbed with sandpaper or a wire brush to allow better water penetration into the leather. Before adding the tanning solution, the fresh skin is gently washed with lukewarm water to remove blood and other dirt. Meat and fat residues are scraped off.

When the skin is evenly moist, allow it to dry to semi-dry. Drying can be promoted with sawdust or kitchen paper. The skin must not be allowed to dry through. Apply a lot of tanning solution to the skin. The leather is covered with plastic, etc. and allowed to tan for 5 to 10 days. If necessary, add the tanning solution so that the leather is moist from the tanning solution throuhout the whole tanning period.

Note that large and thick skins require a longer tanning time and more tanning solution than small and thin skins. When tanning is complete, remove excess solution with kitchen paper, etc. and allow the skin to dry. The leather is now ready to be filled or softened.

Use: Shake well before use and occasionally during storage. Corrosive. Including mm. NaCl, HCOOH, tanning chemicals and antibacterials. Dangerous if ingested. Wear protective gloves when handling. Rinse spills with plenty of water.

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