Wildboar's jaws and tongue

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Base colored wildboar jaws, tongue included. Five different size options.The given lenght is the visible part of the lower tusk.

028-serie (lenght of the lower tusk 39, 46 and 58 mm) is slightly narrower in design than 045-serie (lower tusk 64 mm and 75 mm).

Selection: Wildboar's jaws and tongue

Product no. Koko Status Price
mohr_villisika_base-M028 Alatorakas 39 mm
87.00 €
mohr_villisika_base-L028 Alatorakas 46 mm
89.00 €
mohr_villisika_base-XL028 Alatorakas 58 mm
94.00 €
mohr_villisika_base-M045 Alatorakas 64 mm
97.00 €
mohr_villisika_base-L045 Alatorakas 75 mm
99.00 €
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