Wildboar tusk set

(Koko: Alatorakas 58 mm)

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Wild boar tusks, set of four. Five different sizes. Given length is straight length of the lower tusk. Tusks are unpainted.

Manufacturer: Mohr Specialties Inc. 

Additional product information

Koko Alatorakas 58 mm

Selection: Wildboar tusk set

Product no. Koko Status Price
mohr_torakas_base-M028 Alatorakas 39 mm
19.00 €
mohr_torakas_base-L028 Alatorakas 46 mm
19.00 €
mohr_torakas_base-XL028 Alatorakas 58 mm
21.00 €
mohr_torakas_base-M045 Alatorakas 64 mm
24.00 €
mohr_torakas_base-L045 Alatorakas 75 mm
24.00 €

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