Apoxie Sculpt 4 lb, (select colour)

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Apoxie Sculpt is a two-component mass like kit. The working time is 2-3 hours. The mass hardens fuly in 24 hours. Apoxie Sculpt is easy to mix and use. It sticks on several different materials and when it dries it can be worked with many different methods. It won`t shrink or crack when it dries. It can be used for attaching eyes or corners of the mouth for example. after use wash your tools with water or Aves Safety Solent.

Instructions: Take the same amount of product from jar A and B.Roll them into two balls and compare the size. Put the balls together and squeeze them in your hands for about three minutes (use gloves), until the mass is solid colored. Now the product is ready to be used.The mass can warm up a bit when components A and B react together. 

Package size 4lb (about 1,8 kg).

Selection: Apoxie Sculpt 4 lb, (select colour)

Product no. Colour Status Price
Aves_Sculpt_4lb-natural Natural
57.00 €
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Aves_Sculpt_4lb-valkoinen White
57.00 €
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Aves_Sculpt_4lb-musta Black
57.00 €
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Aves_Sculpt_4lb-pinkki Pink
57.00 €
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